It da spicy annual event you been waiting for,



Sunday, May 6, 2018

Thank you #ChiliPawty 2018 DJs

Thanks so much to da DJs who set the pawty to music!


Thanks 2018 Barktenders

Thanks to the barktenders who kept the food and drink coming!


Thanks to #Chilipawty 2018 Sekurity

#Chilipawty Thanks to Snick's Sekurity team led by @TerenceTerrier for protecting us from norty twitter ladies and ill-behaved GSDs.

Terence is always looking for new members. Contact him for info.


Thanks to #Chilipawty 2018 Pwizemasters

#Chilipawty Thanks to Pwizemasters for doing the hard work of giving out pwizes and keeping track of winners.


Thank You #chilipawty 2018 Pwize Donors

#Chilipawty I hope everybody had a great time! I want to thank the pwize donors. You guys are PAWSUM!!!