It da spicy annual event you been waiting for,


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May 8, 2021

Thank you to 2021 Donors!

(ordered from last to first)
  • miss e moo
  • Peekaboo & Smokey8 Pino
  • Smokey Pino
  • Winston Tabby
  • Cobalt Tash
  • Deborah Hoyt
  • Ellen Pilch
  • Winston Tabby
  • kerry hewson
  • TourGuide Ted
  • Dana Moody
  • Peanut Richie
  • @Sisfurcats Ragamuffin
  • Theresa Jensen
  • Carolyn Herdman
  • Squirt Ashworth
  • Theresa Wright
  • Mizz Bassie
  • Mr. Breeze kittehboi

One by One is Going To Be So Happy!

$625 Raised by end of pawty!

Pals, you have outdone yourselves this year! Thanks so much!

Thank You 2021 Pwize Donors

Thank you to our pawsum pwize donors. You sweeten the pawty!

Thank you To 2021 Staff

2021 #chilipawty Staff Grid

Thanks for making #chilipawty 2021 so much fun!









Cinco de Mayo Coloring Book!

Something to do while you wait for #chilipawty 2022!