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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pwize Book From @MysteryCatSleep 2017

Our new pal @MysteryCatSleep donated a book of fur stories called "The Basket of Seeds."

Spend a year in a magical forest where humans, birds, cats, orangutans, and even extraterrestrials live together happily, and enter a dream world where the Secrets of Sleep ensure restful nights for all. Life is busy as the seasons change and the forest kids experience adventures, games, creativity, friendship, and love. Meet Baby Bud, a wee birdie who's never too sleepy for a bedtime story; Füzzy, a shape-shifting Secret of Sleep; Celeste, a charming tabby; and Goldenbeak, a tiny space alien who wants to hang out with the big humans.

See the #ChiliPawty pwize schedule to learn when to win the Basket of Seeds book (will ship anywhere) from @MysteryCatSleep.

5:00 PM

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